National Level Blood Donor Recruiter, Informative Member of [SHE TEAM]

  Aurosa [Pharmacists]

Age:- 24

National Level Blood Donor Recruiter.

A New Active and Informative Member of [SHE TEAM]

Hi guys I am here to share some of my hard works and in this new year of 2021, I got the biggest opportunity to show my strength & my talent.

I am very much thankful to God who gives me a lot of chances to rise again when I always fall and even am very much thankful to my parents who always supported me
in every situation every happiness and sorrows.No matter what, we all have to believe in our self and try to rise again and no matter how many times we fall.

INSTAGRAM:- hyderabad_donors

             I am a Blood Donor Recruiter who helps people to find donors who can donate blood to emergency patients and in very few months I got this
title of being a recruiter. we all have faced the biggest problem of covid19 where people were dying and some emergencies people were in need of blood plasma
in that crucial situation I did my best to help people how much I can by donating plasma and even searching the donors who can donate.
I have solved almost 65 covid cases for plasma and 100 above blood cases. people contact me for those in need of blood/plasma if I can donate I will definitely do it
or I search for the donors who can donate.
I'm very thankful to all who supported me who believed in me and asked for help for the donation.
For any help in need of Blood or Plasma y, all can contact me through these social sites which are given below.


I was trying so hard for this position for the last six months or can say before the lockdown starts.
I am very much into helping people but apart from basic help I want to be the VOICE FOR WOMEN who cannot speak cannot take a stand for themselves
for which they are going through and the reason is FEAR.

what is fear?  fear of getting harassed in relation or fear if you reject someone what he will do or fear of physical violence by husbands/boyfriends
fear of blackmail by husbands/boyfriends/relatives this is not what women are made for.
she also has the same freedom to live freely to be with someone by her choice or to reject by her choice no one no men has rights to do wrong or to behave wrong
with women.
women are not chewing gums or tissues or not a toy so that y, all can do say anything.
I have seen many cases in which I couldn't see them in that condition and from that day I did ready myself worked hard to be the Voice for women.
Now, these all will stop no women/girl need not fear I am here ready to help to take you out from that situations and I promise every girls and woman whoever
is making you go through very bad I make sure he/she gets legal big punishment so that they will not even think also to do something wrong
before doing any wrong they will recall me with fear.
        I didn't get this position so easily I did work hard I got the training I got interviewed I have attended meetings counsellings.
and now I will let y, all know what is my actual work to do,
I have to handle the mails & their sites reply to the cases to verify the cases and let them know.
and yeah if any cases of blackmailing of girls or women, harassment cases, and physical violence cases immediately I can report and book a case on them so
the police or SHETEAM will take the culprit into remand.
so yes I am the new Active & informative member of SHE TEAM and I wanted to say a big thank you to the great person who supported me so well to get to this position
he was a great soul before he sees me in this position unfortunately he died Mr. Late TOUFEEQ KHAN [ TIGER SULTAN] he helped me a lot to get into this big
position I am so thankful to him may God rest his soul in peace...

            Girls/women if you need any help if someone is doing so wrong I request you not to Fear kindly contact us we will help you for sure.
I will attach the official SHE TEAM ids of the Instagram handle and Twitter handles here. and I will attach my Twitter handle y, You can contact us there and very soon
I will make my own official Instagram handle to receive the cases without any hesitation or Fear do contact us for any help we will help you with ur protection.
 Thank you soo much guys please keep supporting me as y, all did from starting.
 I will come up with more works and projects. thankyou take care.
Mr.Late Toufeeq Khan(Tiger Sultan)  1972 - 2020
Mr.Late Toufeeq Khan(Tiger Sultan) 1972 - 2020

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