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Blood Group-  AB+
AGE: 23, 1996

I did finish my schooling from Central Public School
Charminar and college from Sri Chandra Junior College

I had a loot of interest in the medical field and I was sure to enroll myself in the medical field, so I am currently pursuing  Pharma from Sultan-Uloom college of pharmacy

I have seen many people dying due to lack of blood in many hospitals n some thalassemia kids of age 2-4 yrs old
because of unavailability of blood and in  my college they come to collect blood for thalassemia and for this I also donated blood 3-4 times and besides that I went outside also to donate blood to people in need
So from their my journey of donating and helping people by giving blood in a NON-PROFITABLE way started.
I donate blood free of cost and help as many as I can.
and in all this I wanted to start an organization of blood donors
who donate blood for free.
So as I said I used to donate blood and in this process, I started to reach out to other peoples too who are willing to donate BLOOD free of cost  and in this process I now have a good team of blood donors

So patient, team what they do is coming to my any cancer
thalassemia, accident patients n the list goes on
in short ‘’ ANY PATIENT” who requires blood
we send our blood donors as per the requirement of blood group needed “ANYWHERE” in HYDERABAD.
who contacts us or even if we get to know we surely  come forward to donate the blood.

There is one more team of our’s which is in GUNTUR, my own team member BABLU GANTI who is the main leader they also have members who donate blood, if we want more donors they also sent their members to Hyderabad

So this is the work of our organization, we are ready to donate. In an emergency situation too.
So I just want to increase this organization
My work of this organization is going on there are  people who know my twitter account or page do DM me for blood requirement    
But as I said I want to increase this on a bigger scale
so that as many people will get to know about this organization and awareness, So that they can contact us for blood donors in an emergency or in any situation of need in blood, they will know where exactly to contact.
my work hasn’t reached that high level still more interaction and all is needed so that people get aware of our NON-PROFITABLE BLOOD ORGANIZATION. 
I have these pages to contact 

Click the link below 
 Instagram : Hyderabad_donors


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  1. Ma'Shaa'Allah ❤️ May Allah bless your and other donors 🌸