Want To Become A Permanent Blonde, Then Drink Juice Of This Thing Daily, The Effect Will Be Seen In A Week

Want to become a permanent blonde, then drink the juice of this thing daily, the effect will be seen in a week
Amla juice contains abundant vitamin C, it helps to nourish the skin.
New Delhi. Everyone wants a fair complexion. All cosmetics are used for this, but all these methods prove to be temporary. Some natural remedies have been suggested in Ayurveda to enhance the complexion in a natural white

1. Those who want to make skin tone forever, they should drink half a cup of gooseberry juice twice a day. Amla juice and water content should be equal while drinking it.
2. Rojana also improves the color by drinking a glass of honey and carrot juice. Because it cleans the skin and removes spots.
3. Soak Shirota in a glass at night. It is a kind of herb. Now filter and drink this water in the morning. Doing this daily on an empty stomach will clear the blood. It is a natural blood purifier.
4. If almonds, chironji, and saffron are drunk in a glass of milk, it enhances the complexion. Muscles are also formed.natural 
5. To make the skin naturally blonde, grind the dried orange peels and mix it with honey and apply it on the skin. Leave it like this for 20 minutes. Now wash with normal water. Doing this two to three times a week will improve the complexion.
6. By adding gram flour in the juice of potato, applying it on the skin also makes the skin shiny and fair. Because the bleaching properties present in potato juice work to enhance the complexion and gram flour cleanses in a natural way. natural 
7. If the rice powder is mixed with gram flour and Multani mitti, the color will be clear. You have to do this process twice a week.
8. People whose skin is dry should be mixed with honey and gram flour in cream. You can do this process four to five days a week. This will make the skin soft and shiny.
9. To make the skin naturally shiny and blond, cut the tomatoes in two pieces and sprinkle turmeric in it and massage it. Do this for about ten minutes, then wash it with water. This will make the skin look fresh.  natural 
10. The use of coffee is also very beneficial to improve the blood. It contains abundant anti-oxidants. Applying it mixed with milk clears the skin color. ay, which is very effective.  natural 

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